Kirstin Johnson, Equine Gestalt Coach

Hey There I am Kirstin,

Equine Gestalt Coach, Lover of life, and Guide to the Soul.

Kirstin Johnson
Equine Gestalt Coach Prescott, Arizona

My passion is to work with people who are waking up to the idea that there is more to life than what we were told and what we have experienced. I work to help free people from their past, to connect into their own guidance system, to allow them to grow into the person they knew they could be to experience the joy and health that awaits all of us being true to ourselves.

My partners in this process are horses.  Using the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method and being open to what is present the person can find their own answers experientially.  The journey to wholeness and healing is the intention we set for each session. Horses are master healers, their vibration is much higher than ours, they live without much distraction and are aware in each moment because  their life depends on it.

Kirstin Johnson
Shamans Cave


Our Services

  • Private one on one Equine Gestalt Coaching Method Sessions
  • Telephone Coaching
  • Self Discovery Group
  • Veterans Group
  • Dream Workshops
  • Day and Weekend Workshops
  • Retreats


Are you living a life that no longer suits you? 


Would you like to explore new possibilities that strongly connect with your true self? 


Is there something deeper calling you? 


Would you like to change your limiting beliefs and create more freedom in your life? 

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